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          Our Peanuts Factory under RONGCHENG SUBSIDIARY Food Co.,LTD established in 1985, is an integrated peanuts company with its business scope of planting, oral material processing and peanuts food production, over the past 15 years, this company accumulated rich experiences both in processing and export, and there are steady clients for buying raw peanuts and its production not only domestic but also in Japan, Europe, Middle East and Southern-East Asia, from whom we get highly appreciation and good reputations.

                Quality and management are basic, Details determine success or failure, attitude is everything

          Raw material processing equipment

          1. 1 peanuts shell select machine 1:select peanuts with shell according to the size, max capacity: 1.5 tons/per hour.

          2. 3 shelled machines: max capacity:5 tons/hour.

          3. 2 size selecting machines: max capacity: 3 tons/hour.

          4. 1 color selecting machine: max capacity:2 tons/hour

          5. hand picking workshop:

          a. selecting peanuts with shell: max capacity1 ton/ hour (finished products)

          b. selecting peanut kernels: max capacity 2 tons/ hour. (finished products)

          6. heavy and light impurity removing machine: remove stones,grass,ropes,hairs and etc.

          7.metal detector :saftly remove all metals exceed 1.2mm and stainless exceed 1.5mm.

          Processing factory equipment

          1.Fired peanuts work shop ( three production lines), with max. capacity 3000—3500 T/year/line

          Total capacity about 10000T/year

          2.roasted peanuts in shell work shop( one production line), 10 ovens with capacity 8—10T/day

          3.roasted peanuts kernels and other beans product workshop:Processing peanuts kernels, other beans and nuts with various flavors and max capacity 3 tons/day.

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          Testing Equipment

                Quality control

          1. Implementing strict self-testing for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products

          2 .complete and advanced testing equipment

          3 .well trained and experienced testing person

          4 implementing scientific methods of sampling and testing methods

          Test items

          1. General check moisture, acid value, peroxide number and bacteria.

          2. Aflatoxin detection, U.S.VULCAN dtector for detection of peanut raw materials and products

          3. "Organic phosphorus", "organochlorine" and other pesticide residues testing items, using the SHIMADZU Gas Chromatograph "GC-2010"

          Scientific testing information technology can provide detailed and effective information and valuable conference on the whole procedure; including peanut base management, drying peanuts and peanut storage

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